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Why survival gear?

A well-prepared survival kit is crucial to own. By well-prepared I mean it is tailored to your special personal and family needs. We often don’t know what emergencies may befall us so it is a great idea to be prepared for anything. It’s never a good idea to take what you have for granted so please consider your shelter, water, food and other needs. There are basically two types of survival kits:

  • An EDC survival kit is prepared based upon your Everyday Care (EDC). This kit needs to be handy, small and portable.
  • A BOB survival kit (Bug Out Bag) is an amplified EDC kit for any long-term situations. The biggest considerations besides (shelter, water, food and tools) would be you or your families’ specific medical needs.

In my past, I have been a first responder and served in the military. I have personally experienced as well as witnessed people in unfortunate situations. People who are forced to evacuate their homes without prior notice (natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, fires, forced migration, etc.). People who have been victims of these kind of situations will be the first to admint that they had little or no time to prepare. Many were left with nothing, meaning the ones lucky enough to have the clothes on their backs were the lucky ones. If you were to personally ask me the question, “Why survival gear?” then my response would be to get you to really think about it and I would ask you, “Why not?”