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Must-have Survival Gear to Survive during the Apocalypse

If you wish to ensure the welfare of yourself and the people around you, then you must indulge in survival gear. An emergency could occur at any time, robbing you of the amenities offered by the modern age. We take these things for granted, so it is normal to lose our bearings if these privileges are taken away.

If there is a long-term power outage, we would find ourselves panicking. Places like the water treatment plants may stay shut down for a long time, causing the scarcity of drinking water. When you are staring in the face of an apocalypse, you should expect to face these situations.

The majority of us might never feel the need for survival gear. It could theoretically sit on a shelf in the garage or in the basement for months, collecting dust.

In terms of survival gear, it all comes down to how much room you have to spare, the amount of stuff you can safely bear, and the distance you are willing to travel. In fact, a traveling pack is essentially the most pivotal piece of “survival gear” to carry everything you need whether it’s for a relaxing weekend and prolonged trip in the wild. A slightly smaller variant of this may be a container with a few things firmly placed inside.

With proper survival gear, one can face even the hardest situations imaginable; even the apocalypse from the Book of Revelation.

Why You Need Survival Gear

Asking yourself why you should gather survival gear can push you to find the answers. Some answers can vary individually. Not everyone has the same needs or values to follow. But some necessities are quite common. So here are some essential reasons for having survival gear:

Keep things organized: Once you get what you need, dealing with a crisis gets easier. Acquiring and assembling a survival kit eliminates the need to rummage through your bag for first-aid supplies or search through all your pockets for a band-aid. A survival kit guarantees that all medical and important items are safely secured inside a package or bag, allowing you to remain calm throughout a stressful situation and consider decisive action.

Make things easier: Many people like to purchase their survival kit pre-assembled since it is less expensive and less time. This approach may not be ideal for all. By purchasing a branded survival kit, you place your complete faith in the specialists and suppliers. That eliminates the need for you to make a list of important products and search for every single item individually. Purchasing a survival kit would also relieve you of the tension and pressure of assembling a personalized go bag for yourself, helping you to concentrate on your journey.

Face the situation: Incidents occur when you least expect them to happen. In a case of emergency, keeping a survival kit in the car or in the shed might actually save a life. Hauling a fire starter kit or a first aid kit can sound ridiculous before you’re stuck in the forest without any help.

A sensibly put-together survival kit will mean that you’re prepared to tackle almost any crisis, whether it’s a minor car crash, being trapped while climbing or hiking or an unexpected accident in the forest while camping, swimming, biking, or backpacking.

Best gift for adventurers: Few people usually have safety first and foremost on their mind, but that shouldn’t discourage them from embarking on all kinds of escapades. If you’re one of these individuals, or maybe you know someone who enjoys exploring, we recommend investing in a useful and handy survival kit. These packages are intended to provide anything you would require in an emergency situation. It can also work as an excellent present for adventure seekers.

Provide reassurance: Catastrophes and crises are all aspects of the unforeseen that we all dread. The sad thing is that, despite scientific advancements, there is no reliable way to forecast the precise extent or trajectory of an imminent catastrophe. The good part is that we may regain a semblance of calm.

It’s interesting to realize that keeping a survival pack on hand gives us a feeling of calm. It also aims to alleviate concerns and reduce tension during a stressful period by ensuring that support would be accessible to us in a dire situation. Your survival kit can end up being your earthquake response pack, which enables you to get assistance in an unpredictable and abrupt scenario.

Maintain communication: It is important to maintain contact with the authorites in order to obtain assistance from them. Whenever a major catastrophe occurs, such as a hurricane, it is almost difficult to keep everything in order. The battery in your mobile will die, and the loss of electricity means there is no way to charge it.

Most survival kits have radios that can be used to listen to any emergency announcements. The radio can provide you with crucial data about what is happening and when you can expect help to arrive in your locality.

In most situations, radio equipment assisted people in obtaining an airlift, which is why a survival kit can save your life or the life of those in your family.

Sidekick Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth® by Eton (ET-NFRX5SIDEKICK) – Stay alerted with all the emergency alerts in your area or just listen to music. This device has a bright flashlight and will keep your smart phone or USB devices charged. It features a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged at home with the charging cable, with solar power or even hand crank abilities. Stay safe and entertained with this multi-powered, multi-function radio. Click here for more details.
Eton Camping Radio
Scorpion II Multi-Powered Weather Radio & Flashlight by Eton (ET-NSP101WXGR) – The Scorpion II with AM/FM/NOAA weather bands will keep you up to date on all emergency reports and alerts. It’s rugged, compact and equipped with both solar and hand-crank power options, a flashlight and even a bottle opener. Click here for more details.
Eton Scorpion Radio Flashlight

Don’t be dependent on others: This is probably one of the most significant advantages of having a survival kit. You should not have to depend on anyone to assist you. There is no need to run around looking for a rope or some other thing that you may require to rescue someone in need because it is included in your survival gear.

In a crisis, time is of the essence and every single second count. This is why you need a good stockpile of convenient survival gear to help you out.

Uses and Benefits of Survival Gear

Survival gear would not come in handy exclusively during an apocalypse; it can also help you during a camping trip, or a hike through the woods as well. Don’t be discouraged to put together handy survival gear thinking that they would rot in the garage. You might end up using them sooner than you think. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent items in a survival gear and see how they can be useful during an apocalypse and more.

Multipurpose/Survival Knife

A multipurpose knife, often known as a “swiss army knife” is a small but very handy piece of tool. The knife basically has different blades, a small scissor, screwdriver, and more. This all-in-one combination is perfect for a normal day out or in the apocalypse.

As for a survival knife, those come in slightly varied designs, but the main function is pretty much the same. It is a compact and sharp knife that can help cut through almost anything. The knives also have a great balance, so you can practice throwing them at targets as well.

You can choose either or both of these tools depending on your preference and skillset. Some people are hesitant to have a knife on the person. They would probably prefer having only a useful multipurpose tool in their pockets.

Survival Neck Knife with Sharpener, Fire Starter & Compass by Frog & CO (SF-KN-NECKN) – Be prepared with this multi-purpose survival weapon that you can conveniently wear. A stainless-steel knife with carrier, sheath, sharpener, compass, signal mirror and fire-starter. Click here for more details.

Survival Neck Knife with Sharpener, Fire Starter & Compass by Frog & CO

Jungle Master Machete 10 inch 3.5MM Thick Blade by Master Cutlery (MC-KN-JM-034) – The Jungle Master is a full tang razor sharp 15.5″ machete that’ll make short work of any obstacles in your path. This machete features a 3.5mm thick blade that’s nearly 3″ wide, a high-quality sheath and a black sleek pikkawood handle. Click here for more details.

Jungle Master Machete

Fire Starting Kit

Not just for setting up a fire pit in a campsite, a fire-starting kit can be lifesaving in an apocalypse or even a hike. Imagine catching an animal or bird for a meal and you have to eat it raw. That is not a pretty picture, is it? With a fire starting kit, you can cook your meals and boil water to purify it.

Fire would also keep you warm in cold environments. You can send out signals using the smoke from a fire. Also, fire can help keep out wild animals considering you are in a forest or someplace similar. There are many reasons for having a fire starting kit. So make sure you don’t forget about this while throwing together your survival gear.


Yes, there are some people who can easily tell directions even in the toughest situations. Some people have a great sense of direction. They have the ability to navigate using the stars or just by looking at the sun and shadows. But not everyone possesses that skill, and it is okay if you are one of them. You can have a compass of your own that would tell you which way to go.

Whether you are out in the water, or in an open field, a compass can always make sure you never go astray. A compass is light and compact, so it won’t add much weight to your overall pack or bug out bag. A digital compass often runs on batteries or needs electricity. So it’s better to get an analog one for a situation resembling an apocalypse. Analog compass can seem a little hard to read correctly. But you can always learn.

Water Filtration Kit

Drinking water is a necessity if we wish to survive. You can barely go for 4 days without any water to drink. Clean water can be hard to find in a post-apocalyptic situation. Bottled water can only last so long. Carrying huge drums of water would not be smart since they would weigh a lot.

You can stumble upon water reservoirs, rivers, wells, small ponds, and whatnot but the water may be contaminated. Drinking polluted water can lead to diseases, which would eventually kill you since you would not receive proper medication during an apocalypse.

So having a water filtration kit can essentially save your life. There are iodine tablets or chlorine that can purify water. But you need to be careful with the concentration while using chemicals such as those. Solar disinfection is also handy and is actually recommended by WHO, CDC and the NCBI.

SODIS is the acronym for solar disinfection. It is a very simple and low-cost process. You fill plastic bottles with the untreated water you found and then leave it exposed to direct sunlight for six hours.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – With the incredible LifeStraw in your survival kit it will be easy, convenient and safe for you  to stay hydrated with pure drinking water at almost any time and any place. This compact emergency water treatment solution has been used and well tested in the field for well over a decade making it one of the single most useful pieces of survival gear. This is perfect for you as an addition to your survival kit. Click for more details.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

H20 Survival Water Kit – 1 Bottle containing 50 water purification tablets. Each of these tablets will make water drinkable. This kit also contains 6 water pouches. Each of these pouches contains 4.25 ounces each of clean, safe, purified drinking water. This kit alone will provide over 6.5 gallons of clean and safe water. Click for more details.

Survival Frog H20 Water Kit

Light Source

Even when you are out on a day hike, having a trusty flashlight in your backpack can never go wrong. If you are using battery-operated flashlights, you need to keep some extra batteries at hand as well. Use the light carefully so the batteries would last longer.

Torches can also be a great source of light. If you are in a forest area, you can make a torch out of any thick branch. All you would need is a match, some old rugs and some oil or fuel.

You cannot always depend on the moonlight to travel at night. You need some external light source.

Sleeping Bag/Blanket

Wherever you camp, carrying a bed with you may be impossible. But you can always have the alternative trailing behind you. Sleeping bags are available in different sizes and designs. You can be safely tucked away in one at night after traveling the whole day.

You can also use thick blankets to put together a makeshift bed. A normal blanket would work just fine, but a space blanket can work even better. Any one of these is important to have a place to sleep.

Emergency Signals (whistle, flares)

In a difficult situation such as an apocalypse, people need to be ready for all possible scenarios. You can get separated from your group, or lose your way back to the camp. Having a whistle on you may help prevent that. The loud and sharp sound from a whistle can alert the others in your group that you need help.

Flare guns or small flares can also be used for the same thing. You can also signal overhead aircraft or distant camps with the help of a flare.

First Aid Kit/Medicine

It is quite normal to face accidents and earning some minor injuries. Common fever, cuts, and scraps do not require certified physicians to treat for the time being. Having a first aid kit can prevent the injured from suffering an infection. Immediate medical attention can help fight the injuries easily.

You can have a basic first aid kit consisting of bandages, rubbing alcohol, needle, ointments, pain medicines, and anything else you can think of. Just make sure you replace the stuff on your possession so they are not expired prior to use.


Tactical Field Trauma with QuikClot® First Aid Kit (TC-FA-2064-0291) – This compact, convenient, lightweight kit is perfect when you’re on the go. Containing various medical supplies for wound treatment, fractures and fevers. It also includes an easy to understand, illustrated medical guide. Click here for more details.
Field Trauma Kit Quick Clot
Medical Kit Pro – Ultralight/Watertight First Aid Kit (TC-FA-0100-0186) – This kit was designed for and used exclusively by Yosemite mountain guides. This lightweight, portable and convenient medical kit gives you all the supplies needed for first aid kit while on the go. It’s also watertight and contains an instructional, illustrated guidebook. Click here for more details.
Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit AMK

Buyer’s Guide on Survival Gear

It is easy to be confused and unsure when putting together a survival gear. Whether you have experience with these items or not won’t matter much unless you know which factors to focus on. So go over the following factors before getting the items you wish to put together in your survival gear.

Weight and Durability

Heavier items can definitely be a good thing. Heavy and dense things usually last longer than their lighter counterparts. But you need to consider whether you need a particular item to be that robust or not. If it is something perishable, then you can certainly opt for the lighter versions.

The quality also comes into play in this case. There are some materials that are quite robust while being lightweight. Heavier stuff would tire you much quicker; you would end up moving slower. So weigh out your options between the different materials before fixating on one.


A headcount is necessary before calculating the quantity of your survival gear. If you are alone, you can just get what you need and be out into the wild. But in the case of a group, you can benefit by having more stuff that would help you survive in an apocalypse.

You can divide up the items and have each person carry the items according to category. For example, one of them can have all the medical supplies in their backpack while someone else is carrying the canned food items.


If you are traveling by foot, you need your survival gear to fit inside a backpack. You cannot possibly walk miles after miles with huge bags trailing behind you. That being said, you cannot have large suitcases if you are traveling in a vehicle either. A vehicle would not guarantee 100% functionality.

What if the car breaks down? Then you would have to lounge around the bags through the long path ahead. Try to keep the backpack as light as possible. Get rid of anything unnecessary. If the survival gear is hard to carry around, then it would be a hinder rather than a helpful thing.


Whether you are going out camping or preparing to face the apocalypse, you can get a survival gear that’s designed for hiking or the woodlands. Likewise, there are supplies built for a variety of sports such as hunting, trekking, and climbing.

This role ensures that you have all you might need for your journey. You should even buy an extra survival gear to have in your car.


It is important that you consider how far the materials in the survival gear can last before purchasing the items. It’s especially essential if the package contains food. A deficiency of food and supplies will cause you to go hungry and fatigued. Make sure that the survival gear has sufficient food and water in case of a shortfall.

Perishable items need to be taken extra care of. But you also need to check the expiration date on other items like medical supplies.

Weather Conditions

If you’re going to a muddy or swampy area, make sure your survival gear is water-resistant. This is especially critical if the location is prone to rain or other similar situations.

If you’re not certain about the conditions, we recommend carrying the package in a sealed plastic bag. Place medicines and sensitive products in individual Ziploc pouches with additional protection from water-resistant. It is better to be safe than sorry.

No Extra Baggage

When a disaster happens, you won’t think about how great your survival gear is. Survival is all about being tough and staying alive no matter what. That is why you should stop carrying things either for fun or out of nature.

Concentrate on preserving room and reducing weight. Try making a list to ensure that you just get what is absolutely necessary.


In general, the more experience one has out in the wild, the fewer things they would need to add in the survival gear. Many that are adept at lighting campfires would not require matchsticks, as a basic fire starter would prevail. Likewise, seasoned outdoor explorers may want to carry bin bags rather than parkas because they can be used for a range of applications that amateurs are unable to have learned.


Make sure you don’t miss to include anything in the gear that would make the trip more enjoyable. That is particularly relevant if you have children in the group. And not just for them actually, adults can have fun too!

You can have stuff like soft balls for the kids to play with. As for adults, maintaining hygiene might matter more than having a board game. So make sure your backpack has toothpaste and toothbrush. You can make changes to the items as you see fit.


Although many people believe the color of a survival gear to be unimportant, it really helps justify this essential feature. For instance, if the survival gear is bright in color or has a shiny texture, it would be much easier to locate in an urgent situation. In comparison, if you are attempting to deter violent individuals, you might just want to stay under the radar. In these situations, a dark pack can help you from drawing too much attention. There are no good or bad solutions, in this case, so you should consider your options diligently before coming to a decision.


The cost of survival gears can vary widely, from the most simple to the most detailed, long-lasting survival gears. Nice, dependable, and tough gear isn’t inexpensive, but most of the time, you end up getting your money’s worth. So choose the best gear that you can manage.

Essential Survival Gear for the Apocalypse

Put together your survival gear with these items:

Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Manufacturers like Farland, Canway make these waterproof sleeping bags that are highly durable for any dire situation. They can help you survive rainy nights and whatnot. Most of these sleeping bags are made out of premium polyester. They are durable but light enough to not put much strain on your back. Consider adding a waterproof sleeping bag in your survival gear so you can get some much-needed rest.

Tact Bivvy® 2.0 Emergency Sleeping Bag w/ HeatEcho® Technology, Paratinder & Whistle by Frog & CO
A 7 foot long emergency sleeping bag that actually fits into the palm of your hand. The Tact Bivvy® is constructed with ultra-lightweight, waterproof, windproof and tear-resistant HeatEcho® material keeping you safe and warm in the coldest conditions. Conveniently fits in any survival kit. Please click here for more details.

Tact Bivvy Portable Sleeping Bag and Whistle
Peregrine Altai 0 Down Blend Sleeping Bag (LM-WS-580672) – This is the ideal bag for any climate and weather. A high-end sleeping bag that features Primaloft Down Blend Silver and a durable DWR treated 20D 380T Nylon Ripstop shell. The Altai 0 keeps moisture out, keeps warmth in and it uses durable #5 YKK zippers featuring anti-snag zipper tape for constant, steady use. It also has an insulated hood, a convenient storage sack and internal pocket. Click here for more details.
Peregrine Altai Down Blend Sleeping Bag


They may be old school, but a radio might be the only thing helping you keep track of the situation during an apocalypse. You can find the emergency broadcast channel to listen to the announcements. If the stations are working, listening to some music now and then may not be too bad.

Hunting Knife/Shotgun

Looking for ways to survive might require you to get a little defensive, and sometimes offensive. You might encounter wild animals, bandits, or find yourself in situations where the only choice you have is to fight. For those situations, you need real weapons.

Hunting knives are similar to a survival knives. If you already have that, then it can be used as a weapon. But the best weapon to have would be a shotgun or just a gun of any sort. They might be loud and require ammunition but a gun would never fail you in extreme situations. If you are faced against a rogue animal, a gun would fare better than any knife. So try getting your license now if you don’t have one already.

Solar Light/Lantern

Not the decorative ones used in the garden or backyard, but these lights can be used for indulging in adventures. Flashlights or similar light sources are useful as long as the battery backup is there. But you won’t have enough time to stock up batteries if the store walls are breaking all around you. Solar lights or lanterns can feed on the sunlight. You can leave them to soak under the sun during the day and use that soaked-up energy in the night.

Solar lantern is probably among the best item to include in a survival gear for the apocalypse.


Instead of using normal ropes, paracords can replace them for binding purposes. Paracords are strong but lightweight nylon ropes. They were known as parachute cords since they were used in the suspension line of parachutes. But now paracords are widely used for camping and trekking activities. You can use them to tie up a hammock, tie your supplies together, make a temporary swing, and so on.

Carry Bag

Soft-side carrying bags, which are typically made of cloth and have one zipper, are perhaps the most common carriers for survival gears. Soft-sided carriers are compact and simple to pack. But those don’t provide much safety for the delicate objects within, so store them cautiously.


Cordage is a broad term that encompasses anything from a wire mesh to braided nylon. Cordage is a vital survival tool when you have to scale rocky slopes, tie loads of lumber, and more. Cordage may be used for a variety of purposes, including fishing line, fabric line, among many others. In a survival scenario, a lightweight but good cord might help a lot.

Folding/Camping Stove

Cooking over a campfire can be thrilling and everything, but take practicality into account as well. With a folding stove, you can cook the meal of the day with ease. All you would need is some fuel to light the stove. There are many camping stoves out in the market that are lightweight and come with fuel tablets. With a pack of those, you can set up a makeshift kitchen anywhere you wish.

Survive an Apocalypse (some bonus tips)

Survival of the Fittest

In Zombieland (2009 movie), the first rule to survive in the zombie apocalypse was cardio. So yes, you need to build up some strength and stamina. You may not have to outrun zombies or swing a baseball bat with all your might. But being fit would surely work in your favor. Long days of trekking and hiking through the jungle, carrying heavy backpacks full of supplies, chopping up firewood- all of them need you to have a fit body. So don’t ignore the daily workout. Throw in some more exercises into the mix if you can.

Emotional Stability

Emotions can often get in the way of something, and not in a good way. Emotional instability in a dire situation such as an apocalypse can lead to certain death. Emotions affect our decision-making abilities. You can end up making a huge mistake out of anger and bear the consequences later. So try to keep your emotions in check at all times while you’re facing an apocalypse.

Importance of Awareness

It doesn’t hurt to be aware of your surroundings. When you are out there, danger could be lurking in every corner. Staying on alert can actually save your life in these situations. For this, proper rest is also a necessity. Your senses would automatically start to dull if you don’t get enough food or rest. So taking care of your health comes first if you wish to preserve your awareness skills.

Proper Leadership

If you are a lone wolf who prefers to stay away from groups, then this would not apply to you. But as for families or groups staying together during an apocalypse such as a zombie outbreak, there needs to be in order. Things can get out of hand quicker than you can blink if there is no discipline in place.

Someone in the group needs to step up and claim the role of the leader. It can also be decided via vote. The others would follow the leader’s orders. It has to be someone who has experience in dealing with dire situations. A calm head is a must to take up leadership.

Zero Hesitation

In some zombie movies or shows, there comes a time when the protagonist is faced with a very difficult situation. Dealing with the consequences of that situation can seem harder than facing hell, but ignoring it can endanger the protagonist and the people they care about. The slightest hesitation, in this case, can prove costly.

Look to the Future

Instead of just being worried about the present, you need to consider the future as well. A post-apocalyptic situation would not resolve anytime soon. You need to think of preserving instead of just surviving. A notable example of this is the food rationing system.

You can carry around dry and canned food items to feed. But that would run out one day. As we said, you need to think about the future. So instead of just having a bunch of canned food, make sure you have some seeds as well. Yes, you might have to become a farmer at one point.

With the seeds at hand, you can grow your own food.

Be Brave, Not Stupid

There is a fine line between braveness and stupidity. Do not confuse one with the other. Being brave is necessary at times. But you need to be smart in order to survive. Facing a hungry tiger with a swiss knife is not bravery; that is borderline stupidity.

Sometimes it’s better to just walk away from a situation than to engage at all. So pick your fights wisely.


Over time, as the post-apocalyptic world evolves and expands, we will have to rediscover information. The scientific method is the best discovery of all time, and it is something one should keep if everything else was gone. You will only have some faith that the theoretical tales are likely to be correct if you act logically and scientifically, observe the real environment, and poke it in specific ways with tests. The advent of science’s data-driven machines in the past allowed us to create the modern age. Also, it is science that will be expected to restart humanity from scratch.


Although the book of Revelation contains many specifics about the tumult, even though they are always veiled in the enigma of symbolic words, it is the ultimate four chapters that determine the book’s overarching message. Revelation 19–22 depicts Christ’s future victory over dark powers and His re-creation of the earth for the saved. Finally, the book ends in a triumph for honesty, fairness, God’s Love and His Saving Grace.

Any residence must have at least one survival kit for multiple uses (surviving the end of the world being one of them). After inspecting the kit’s components, you can then purchase anything else you may still need. Moreover, pick the gear needed for the number of people that will be in need with you.

It wouldn’t be smart to wait for something horrible to happen before getting together a dependable survival kit that will come in handy when the time comes. Finally, only purchase branded gear that complies with your research.

The most important thing above anythingthat may be recommended on this site is to have faith in Jesus Christ. Abide in Him. Pray incessently to Him. God Bless You All!