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It’s a very good idea to purchase survival equipment because you don’t want to be unprepared in any situation especially an emergency situation.  Buying, stock piling and organizing survival gear rather than fashioning your own gives you a solid and reliable base with which to start. https://www.survivalfrog.com/

Pathfinder Glo Pocket Compass – Emergency Camping Gear (US-ST-20-02741) – This compact camping compass comes attached to a mini carabiner for easy portability. This compass also glows in pitch black darkness. Click here for more details.
Pathfinder Glo Pocket Compass - Emergency Camping Gear
5-In-1 Survival Whistle (US-ST-20-310-5-1) – Guardian’s 5-in-1 Survival Whistle combines 5 survival tools (whistle, compass, mirror, firestarter and waterproof container) into one tiny package. Click here for more details.
5-In-1 Survival Whistle Compass
Stealth Tact Shovel Modular Multifunction Entrenchment Tool by Frog & CO (SF-ST-TGHSHVL) – This survival tool actually serves as multiple survival tools. This lightweight and collapsible shovel functions as 12 useful survival tools packed into one. A weapon for self defense, shovel, knife, hatchet, saw, bottle opener, firestarter and screwdriver are some of your options with this must have item. Click here for more details.
Stealth Tact Shovel
11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool by Frog & CO (SF-ST-WAL1000) – This multi-purpose survival tool fits in your wallet. 11 useful tools in a credit card sized piece of gear. Some options with this are a can opener, bottle opener, knife edge, scredriver, ruler, wrench and saw blade. Click here for more details.
11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool
Door Stop Alarm by Frog & CO (ST-SS-DSAL-2) – This small piece of security gear easily fits into your hand, and is more than loud enough to alert you when someone tries to break in through your door. Click here for more details.
Door Stopper Alarm
Zombinator™ Survival Hatchet – Multi Tool Axe by Frog & CO (SF-ST-HTCHT-V2) – This multi-function hatchet with over 10 different functions looks cool and would come in handy for any zombie outbreak. This full tang hatchet, hammer, nail claw, prybar, hex socket, glass breaking, seat belt cutting, fire starting and high decibel signalling piece of gear could definitely come in handy in the end times. Click here for more details.
Zombinator Hatchet
100 Feet of 550 lb 7 Stands Paracord Bundle – Orange (SS-ST-N-550-100-10-O) – Paracord is an extremely useful survival tool that’s still used by the military. Nylon outer shell over 7 durable inner strands which can be used in many, various different ways. Click here for more details.
Orange 550 Paracord Rope

Jungle Master Machete 10 inch 3.5MM Thick Blade by Master Cutlery (MC-KN-JM-034) – The Jungle Master is a full tang razor sharp 15.5″ machete that’ll make short work of any obstacles in your path. This machete features a 3.5mm thick blade that’s nearly 3″ wide, a high-quality sheath and a black sleek pikkawood handle. Click here for more details.

Jungle Master Machete

Survival Neck Knife with Sharpener, Fire Starter & Compass by Frog & CO (SF-KN-NECKN) – Be prepared with this multi-purpose survival weapon that you can conveniently wear. A stainless-steel knife with carrier, sheath, sharpener, compass, signal mirror and fire-starter. Click here for more details.

Survival Neck Knife with Sharpener, Fire Starter & Compass by Frog & CO
Tactical Water-Resistant Backpack by Frog & CO (FC-SK-CY-298-BLK) – This adjustable, versatile, high-performance Tactical Backpack comfort-fitted with added padding for your shoulders and back has multiple pockets to help keep you organized while on the go. Click here for more details.
Survival Frog -Water-Resistant Tactical Black Backpack
LifeShield® 1-Person Mess Kit by Frog & CO (SF-CK-MK1) – This mess kit comes with a Survival Frog pocket stove with smokeless fuel tablets, a stainless steel camping cup, some waterproof matches, and a can opener ( P-38) for cooking. Also provided with this kit is a spork survival tool that can serve as a spoon, fork, bottle opener, screwdriver as well as three different sized wrenches. Click here for more details.
LifeShield One Person Mess Kit
BioLite CampStove 2, FlexLight, Portable Grill, KettlePot Survival Gear Combo (BL-CK-CSX2001) – This energy efficient portable cookware set has everything you need, a wood burning stove that can double as a phone charger, a tabletop grill, plus an incredible KettlePot. It includes with a flexible USB light that attaches to your camping stove and allows you to see what you’re cooking. Click here for more details.
BIolite Camp Stove Light Grill Pot
Pocket Chainsaw by Frog & CO (SF-KN-PCKTSW) – This self-cleaning compact chainsaw is made from 65 nm rust-resistant hardened steel (stronger than ordinary steel) making it virtually indestructible. Every link of the chain is also reinforced with rugged aluminum studs. Click here for more details.
Pocket Chainsaw Stow and Go
Waterproof Cell Phone Case 2.0 by Frog & CO (SF-WA-WTRPCH) – Keep all debris away from your cell phone with this Universal Waterproof Case by Survival Frog. Click here for more details.
Waterproof Cellphone Case
LifeShield® All-In-One Bug Out Bag w/ 6 Survival Kits by Frog & CO (SF-SK-HKR01AK-TAN) –This well designed kit is stuffed with integral survival gear for any emergency. Food, shelter, self-defense, and various other survival needs are met by the gear stocked away into this compact, lightweight premade kit. Click here for more details.
LifeShield All in One Bug Out Bag
Frog Tracks Stability Hiking Traction Cleats by Frog & CO (SF-ST-TRCTCLT) – These cleats use spiral metal coils that dig deep into the ground securing your footing and giving you all the traction you need with every step whether you’re on wet grass, snow, ice, dirt, mud or a rocky trail. Click here for more details.
Survival Frog stability traction cleats