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An often-overlooked device that you need to include in your survival kit is an emergency radio. An emergency radio is easily one of the most important gadgets in your arsenal. Mobile devices don’t always work. In case of an EMP or cell towers being damaged you will desperately need any news or weather updates.

Sidekick Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth® by Eton (ET-NFRX5SIDEKICK) – Stay alerted with all the emergency alerts in your area or just listen to music. This device has a bright flashlight and will keep your smart phone or USB devices charged. It features a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged at home with the charging cable, with solar power or even hand crank abilities. Stay safe and entertained with this multi-powered, multi-function radio. Click here for more details.
Eton Camping Radio
Scorpion II Multi-Powered Weather Radio & Flashlight by Eton (ET-NSP101WXGR) – The Scorpion II with AM/FM/NOAA weather bands will keep you up to date on all emergency reports and alerts. It’s rugged, compact and equipped with both solar and hand-crank power options, a flashlight and even a bottle opener. Click here for more details.
Eton Scorpion Radio Flashlight
BaoFeng Tech BF-F8HP Ham Radio (BT-RC-F8HP) – Ham radio operators know the value of a ham radio because it allows them to communicate and share life-saving information. This Ham radio from BaoFeng can access all the channels that ham radio enthusiasts use and can even monitor two channels at once, so you won’t miss the latest news and weather alerts and it’s compliant with FCC regulations.* Click here for more details.
BioFang BFf8hp3 Radio
Spot GEN4® Satellite GPS Messenger (SP-RC-GEN4) –  If you want a critical, life-saving line of communication while on the go and outside of cell service then you want the rugged, pocket-sized New SPOT Gen4. The latest version of the award-winning SPOT devices lets family and friends know you’re okay or sends emergency responders your GPS location with the push of a button. Click here for more details.
Spot Gen4 Satellite Messenger GPS
Kaito KA208 Pocket Sized Portable Radio (KA-RC-KA208) – The Kaito KA208 is super convenient and great for anyone who wants a lightweight, portable radio for survival. Stay tune to alerts or just stay entertained. Click here for more details.
Kaito KA208 Pocket Radio
Kaito KA600L Voyager Pro Radio (KA-RC-KA600L-BK) – The versatile Kaito Voyager KA600 features a broad-spectrum radio tuner for dependable access to news alerts and weather channels. It also provides self-generating onboard power for the radio, has the built-in LED flashlight and a portable USB charger. Click here for more details.
Voyager Pro Radio KA600L
Kaito KA500 Voyager Solar Radio (KA-RC-KA500L-BK) – The lightweight, portable Kaito KA500 is an AM/FM radio that also accesses emergency shortwave frequencies and weather bands. It is also solar powered radio and wind up and features a USB port. Click for more details.
Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio
Wall Charger AC Adapter for Kaito Voyager Radios – Model KA500 & KA600 (KA-RC-AD500) – This Kaito Voyager wall charger AC adapter is one of 4 ways that power either the KA500 or the KA600 radios. Click here for more details.
Wall Charger Adapter
Goal Zero Yeti 400 110V Power Station (GZ-EP-23000) – The Goal Zero Yeti 400 portable power station provides power at the push of a button. It can power electronics, small appliances and cell phones. Recharging the power station is as simple as plugging it into a wall outlet or to a solar panel. Click here for more details.
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Generator
QuadraPro Solar Power Bank with Wireless & Dual USB Charging by Frog & CO (SF-EP-SLRBNKMLT) – The QuadraPro high quality portable solar power bank is built with a 4-panel system to create all the power you need quickly from the sun. Click here for more details.
Quadra Pro Solar Power Bank
Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter by Frog & CO (SF-EP-PJUMPRDS) – Here’s a convenient and reliable way to jump-start your car or truck. This little device features a built-in flashlight and it can even charge your cell phone or tablet. Click here for more details.
Pocket Jumper Car Pro Hero
EasyPower™ USB Rechargeable AA Batteries by Frog & CO (SF-EP-USB4) – Durable, convenient, long-lasting EasyPower USB Rechargeable Batteries. Click here for more details.
Easy Power USB SFAA Batteries
QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Portable Power Bank by Frog & CO (SF-WS-PWRWRMR) – The QuickHeat is both a personal portable heater and backup power bank. The QuickHeat can radiate up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The QuickHeat can be used as a power bank to recharge your devices and it can be recharged using it’s USB cable. Click here for more details.
Quick Heat Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Goal Zero Boulder 50 Solar Panel (GZ-EP-32406) *This product ships only in the US* – A rugged, durable solar panel built with tempered glass, an aluminum frame with added corner protection. Adjustable, integrated kickstand for optimal angles to gather sunlight. Click here for more details.
Goal Zero Boulder Solar Panel