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In every apocalyptic setting imaginable you will most likely be forced to defend yourself. My intitial recommendation is to get self defense and weapons training. As the apocalypse approaches, in addition to what is on this page, I would also recommend a Shotgun (Remington Model 870 12-gauge), Hunting Rifle (Remington model 700 in .30-06 Springfield) and a convenient Hand Gun (Glock 19). I cannot emphasize training enough! Find out the safest way to carry, handle and use these weapons.

LifeShield® – Self Defense Kit w/ Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm & Carrying Case by Frog & CO (FC-PS-SAFEKIT) – A self defense kit that features three self defense tools in one kit (Stun Gun, Pepper Spray and 120 dB personal alarm). Click here for more details.
LifeShield Self Defense Kit
Tactical Pen Knife by Frog & CO (SF-KN-5002SA) *This product cannot be shipped to New York or California* – This tactical pen is the most compact survival tool for who want to be prepared. This survival pen is so effective it’s been banned in two states* (CA and NY)! It appears to be an ordinary pen but is really a tactical knife with very sharp, serrated blade. Click for more details.
Tactical Knife Pen