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You don’t need an apocalypse in order to own a first aid kit. A easy to get to medical kit is something everyone should have since injuries and accidents could happen anytime and anywhere. You can never be too safe especially when you may need to be your own first responder or the one to be there for the ones you’re trying to protect. 

LifeShield® Health & First Aid Kit by Frog & CO (SF-SK-FH) – Here’s a great first aid kit for essential health and hygiene. It contains potassium iodate tablets for radiation protection, a KN-95 face mask to help keep disease away, a multiple-piece medical kit to help treat common injuries, and a deluxe hygiene kit. Click here for more details.

Lifeshield First Aid Kit

Sportsman 400 First Aid Kit (TC-FA-0105-0400) – This first aid kit contains supplies that can treat various injuries (penetration wounds, punctures, laceratioons, fractures, severe bleeding, etc.). It also has a detachable, waterproof trauma kit. It also contains a comprehensive medical guide to walk you through treating various injuries written by wilderness medicine expert, Dr. Eric A. Weiss. Click here for more details.

Sportsman 400 Medical Kit
Family First Aid Kit – Tender Corp  (TC-FA-0120-0230) – This first aid kit contains supplies for treating common, everyday injuries like bleeding wounds, sprains, pain and fevers. This kid-friendly, family first pack includes a medical guidebook with easy to understand directions and pictures. Click here for more details.
Family First Medical Kit
Pet First Aid Kit – Tender Corp Adventure Dog Series Trail Dog (TC-FA-0135-0115) – You love your puppers, they’re part of your family, so this first aid kit is designed just to treat dogs, containing supplies to treat common injuries such as open wounds, sprains, and ticks. It also includes a pet first aid manual. Click here for more details.
Pet First Aid Kit Tender Corp
Tactical Field Trauma with QuikClot® First Aid Kit (TC-FA-2064-0291) – This compact, convenient, lightweight kit is perfect when you’re on the go. Containing various medical supplies for wound treatment, fractures and fevers. It also includes an easy to understand, illustrated medical guide. Click here for more details.
Field Trauma Kit Quick Clot
Medical Kit Pro – Ultralight/Watertight First Aid Kit (TC-FA-0100-0186) – This kit was designed for and used exclusively by Yosemite mountain guides. This lightweight, portable and convenient medical kit gives you all the supplies needed for first aid kit while on the go. It’s also watertight and contains an instructional, illustrated guidebook. Click here for more details.
Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit AMK
Professional Series Medical Kit Guide I – First Aid (TC-FA-0100-0501) – The Professional Series (Guide I) First Aid Kit was developed for those looking for the best first aid tools available in order to deliver hospital-quality care. There are 219 professional medical supplies in this kit to treat nearly every injury you can think of. It also has a medical guidebook with easy to understand instructions and pictures. Click here for more details.
Professional Series Medical Kit
Adventure First Aid 0.5 oz Tin (TC-FA-0120-0203) – This small, convenient and portable first aid kit has the basic first aid essentials all packed into a small tin. The protective tin keeps the supplies safe even when packed into a crowded backpack or to go bag. Click here for more details.
Adventure First Aid Kit