Jesus Crucified Statue


Christianity is a monotheistic religion. We believe in the One True God. Based upon the most personal name of God in the Old testament, the Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (YHWH) also known as the Tetragrammaton (Four Letters) we receive the story of God. The Tetragrammaton was written in Paleo Hebrew an ancient picture language. In Hebrew in would be right to left but the YHWH is Hebrew translated into English so left to right for us. If we translate it to Latin then we get IEUE and in it’s masculine form is IESUES which is where the name JESUS is derived.

The story from the picture language goes like this, God was everything then God withdrew from everything taking on the form of A Perfect Man. In this form He put together His Ten Fingers and prayed. When He finished praying all of creation was in His Right Hand. He opened the door from His unseen place and filled the void from His withdrawal with the creation that manifested in His Hand. This part of the story is the Yod character.

The first Heh character tells us of the first perfectly created man (Adam). The creation take splace at the Head of the Year (Rosh Hoshanah) from His creation spirit (God’s breath) to be exalted as a king and leader.

The Vav character tells us that a manifestation of His perfect faith will be put together and suspended (on a nail or nails) for all of creation to understand True and Perfect Faith

The final Heh character illustrates a completed cycle of faith, family and human birth will result in a perfect male being born of a virgin as a spiritual son of the first male created as a leader/king also born at the head of the year (Rosh Hoshanah) to be a perfect man of labor to serve as the perfect sacrifice (see Vav) suspended for revelation to ALL creation as the perfect example of His Faith at the start of the Passover festival completing the cycle of His creation (back to the first Yod).

Seen in picture form from right to left, Yod – God’s right hand open and extended from His unseen place. Heh – A living man with arms extended in praise. Vav – A bent nail showing it was used to suspend a revelation of faith. Heh – Another living man with arms raised in praise.  Behold the Hand, behold the nail.

Seen in numeric form – Yod (10 = total perfection), Heh (5 = given grace), Vav (6 = man, labor, death), Heh (5 = given grace in the form of redemption as it comes after another Heh).

God’s personal name (YHWH) illustrates the Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, yet the One True God. The way I undertsand it is that we are created in His image: Mind, Body and Soul. God the Father (the Eternal Mind), God the Son (Jesus in His Physical Body) and God the Holy Spirit (Soul of God).
First century Chrisitians referred to themselves as “The Way.” Preparing the Way of the Lord for His second coming. The term “Christian” refers to a follower of Jesus Christ.
Christians believe in the Holy Trinity. We believe that Jesus Christ suffered, died and was buried. He was crucified on the day of preparation (Friday) before the Sabbath (Saturday) during the week of Passover. He descended in to Hell. He resurrected on the Sunday follwoing the Sabbath (day of rest). 40 days after He resurrected from the dead He then ascended into Heaven from the Mount of Olives and now sits at the Right Hand of God the Father. He will return (second coming) in His physical form and this will be seen by all the inhabitants of Earth when it happens.